Wednesday, October 7, 2009

test2-essay:question 2(8/9/09)

the process of developing a new system will have to follow a strict order of a cycle called the system development cycle.there are five phases in how to develop a new system.first, planning the proposal.we need to plan first what is the users' requirement, the feasibility of the system will be tested and the products want to be developed.the right proposal can build a good system.

for the second phase is analyzing.we have to analyze the proposal or plan that we have made.the system will be analyzed whether it is useful or not.this is to avoid the system from having any problem.

and the third one is designing.after analyzing the system, we can design the system according to the suitability of system.this will make the user to recognize the system easily.

then for the fourth phase is implementation.for the implementation phase, they will install and try the new programs.this program is also will train the users when using it.then they can develop into the new program.

for the last one is operating,supporting and security.the system will be operated and supported by any other programs so that they can be used.then, the system will be included with security so that the users can use it safely.

test2-essay:question 1(8/9/09)

Feasibility means measure of how suitable system development will be to the company.there are four tests to evaluate feasibility which is operational feasibility,schedule feasibility,technical feasibility and economic feasibility which is also called cost or benefit feasibility.

the final activity in the implementation phase is to convert the old system to the new one.this change can take place using one or more conversion strategies.first is direct conversion.this conversion change the old system to the new system this will be no confusion for the users to convert it.the other conversion is parallel conversion.this conversion is using both of old and new system in the same time.this make the users can make check and balance.for the phased conversion it is using one system in one time.for this the feasibility has not been tested.and the last conversion is called pilot this conversion they use both of the system differently.for the users they cannot identified which is the best system.between all of the conversion strategies,whether it is good or not it is in the users' choice to choose the best one.

Friday, August 7, 2009

chapter 6 means to holds data, instructions, and information for future medium is physical material used for storage and also called secondary storage..

at first. i learn about the description of characteristics of magnetic is about hard disks. hard disk is high-capacity storage that consists several inflexible, circular platters that store items electronically.then, i learn what is online storage, floppy disk, and zip disk.

after that, i learn about optical discs, tape, PC cards, miniature mobile storage media, microfilm and microfiche.

now, i can identify the description of characteristics of those discs and recognise the uses of each of it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

chapter 5

this chapter is about input and output..input is data or instructions entered into the memory of computer..input device is any hardware component used to enter data or instructions into a computer..the device is such as keyboard, mouse, trackball, touch pad, control pad, game pad, light pen, touch scree, stylus and many more. beside that, there are also have other input device such as voice input, audio input, digital camera, web cam, scanner, turnaround document, optical reader, and others..

then, output is data that has been processed into a useful form, called information. example of output device are monitor, printer, audio output device such as speakers, earphones, and earbuds, voice output such as internet telephony, fax machine, data projector and many more.

at the end of lesson, i get information about input and output so much. now i can differentiate between what is output device and input device..

chapter 4

the components of the systems unit..system unit is the case that contains electronic component of the computer used to process this chapter, i learn about components of the system unit.the common components inside the system unit are processor, memory, adapter cards, ports, drive bays and power supply.then, i learn about how memory stores data, instructions, and information.a also get some information about sequence of operations that occur when a computer executes as instructions.not to forget, the comparison of various personal computer processors on the market today.and the last subtopic is how to clean a system, a have more information about system unit that is a very important components of a computer.

chapter 3

this chapter is about application software..application software for users is a programs designed to make users more productive..for computer, it is a programs that control the operations of the computer.example of common application software are dialog box and window.i also learn about business is a software that assists people in becoming more effective and efficient.word processing software is to allows users to create and manipulate text and also about the application that we always use such as font, spreadsheet software, the function of using business software, charting, database software, presentation graphics software, note taking software and many more...beside that, i also learn about graphics and multimedia software..atre that, i learn about popular utility programs..the last subtopics in this chapter is learning aids and support tools for application the end of the chapter, i got some information about different type of software in computers and what it is..i hope that i can use this application in the future to help me doing my works..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chapter 2

in chapter 2, i learn details about the internet and world wide web(www). i learn about the history of internet...actually internet is become functional in September, internet has be grown and have more tha 350 millions computer linked hosts. i learn how internet, i learn about www or world wide web. in this subtopic, i got information about links, home page, web browser, url, search engine, multimedia,hit thumbnails, animation, audio, video, virtual reality(VR), plug-ins and web publishing...i also got to know internet the end of the chapter, i learn about is a code of acceptable behaviors users should follow whle using internet...